Monday, June 16, 2008

How to make $27,240 a month from a personal blog

How to make $27,240 a month from a personal blog


John Chow posted his now familiar monthly income report a couple of days ago proudly declaring an income for November 2007 of $27,240.

Making this sort of money is never going to be something that you can do without hard work, despite what some of the internets many con men will tell you in return for an overpriced ebook, but it is not rocket science.

John has always been honest about the way he makes this money. Its very simple. He gets traffic and then he monetizes that traffic.

The traffic comes from writing good memorable content that people want to read and marketing his blog in as many ways as he can. The real beauty of this traffic generation is that anyone can do it. There are absolutely no barriers to entry in this business.

And once he’s got the traffic the only thing he needs to do is to monetize it. So how does John Chow make money from this traffic? He does it exactly the same way that anyone else could, he uses a combination of private ads, affiliate marketing, text link ads etc. etc.

The point I’m trying to make here is that anyone can do this. John Chow is very good at what he does but even he would be the first to admit that making money from a blog can be a reality for any blogger.

$27,240 a month won’t happen over night. But don’t make the mistake of letting that stop you from starting a blog and making money.

The simple and honest way to get more ad clicks


Monetizing a blog by covering it in badly chosen adverts is one of the biggest mistakes that a blogger can make. How many times have you seen a blog plastered with adverts and just clicked the back button? Badly chosen and over saturated advertising doesn’t make people click the ads, it makes people run away never to return, often without even having read your content. And if they don’t see your content they have no reason to return or to bookmark you.

Advertising works best when it is appropriate, used in moderation with proper placement and as a compliment to your content.

People are increasingly resistant to advertising, they just don’t like it, because traditionally it is irrelevant and something that gets in the way of what they want to do. For example, commercial breaks on Television are such a pain that people are happy to pay for a device like Teevo to be rid of them. Never underestimate a persons ability to block out your ads if they don’t like them, they will always find a way, even if it means never visiting your blog again. After all, people have more than enough blogs to choose from. Your blog would have to be pretty special to be able to annoy your readers and still keep them.

So, how does a blogger make sure that their ads are clicked?

  1. Advertise products and services that you have positive experience of. This will make your recommendations genuinely credible.
  2. Make sure what you advertise is complimentary to your content.
  3. Place the ads somewhere that doesn’t annoy the reader. Always make it easy and enjoyable for people to read your blog without obstruction.

If you get the right ads and put them in the right place your readers will be happy to see them (yes, I did say happy to see them) and be much more likely to click them. Only inappropriate advertising is disliked. Appropriate and well considered advertising will enhance your blog and provide your readers with a more useful and rewarding experience. And, if you get the balance just right, you will make money.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cara Memiliki Blog Sendiri di Blogspot

Memiliki Blog Sendiri

Cara paling direkomendasikan untuk memiliki blog sendiri adalah dengan mendaftarkan diri di, belajar sedikit tutorial HTML dasar dan here you go! Anda sudah memiliki blog sendiri. tidak membatasi kapasitas jumlah blog yang bisa Anda miliki, tidak membatasi kapasitas panjang dari blog Anda. Anda bisa memilih desain interface blog Anda dari template yang telah disediakan, atau jika Anda sudah menguasai HTML Anda bisa merancangnya sendiri atau memodifikasinya. Blog Anda bisa ditempatkan di layanan website gratis seperti Tripod atau Geocities atau bisa juga ditempatkan di server yang disediakan

selain di, masih terdapat beberapa tempat lain untuk membuat blog. Beberapa yang terkenal di antaranya adalah di,, dll. Bila Anda telah memiliki account di friendster, maka blog bisa diciptakan juga lewat itu.

Membuat Blog di Blogger

Langkah-langkah untuk membuat blog di adalah sebagai berikut :

  1. Buka situs, maka di sana akan terlihat menu untuk mulai mendaftar seperti terlihat pada gambar berikut :

  1. Klik ”Create Your Blog Now” atau “Ciptakan Blog Anda Sekarang” untuk memulai mendaftar.
  2. Setelah itu masuk ke Step 1, yaitu “Create Account” atau membuat data yang dibutuhkan blogger.

Keterangan :

  • Email Addres/Alamat email: berisi email untuk konfirmasi dan sebagai login masuk ke account dan harus diisi.
  • Password/Masukkan Sebuah Password: tuliskan password 2 kali pada kolom yang sudah tersedia.
  • Display name/Nama Tampilan: nama yang akan dimunculkan pada blog Anda.
  • Word Verification/Verifikasi Kata: tuliskan huruf/angka yang tertera pada kotak yang telah tersedia, huruf harus disesuaikan dengan yang muncul dan bersifat case sensitif (pastikan apakah huruf itu kapital atau tidak).
  • Setelah Semua terisi, klik ”Continue” / ”Lanjut”.

  1. Kemudian masuk ke Step 2, yaitu “Name Your Blog” atau namai blog Anda.

Keterangan :

  • Blog Title/Judul Blog: merupakan nama dari blog Anda dan berfungsi sebagai judul blog.
  • Blog Address (URL)/Alamat blog: nama alamat blog Anda, misalnya ””, dan tidak boleh ada karakter spasi. Untuk kasus ini, silahkan isi dengan nama Anda sendiri, misalnya ”belajaradsense02”. Selanjutnya, sistem akan merespon nama tersebut, dan bila tidak ada yang menggunakannya, maka alamat tersebut bisa Anda pergunakan. Hasil akhirnya, Anda akan mendapatkan alamat blog dengan format

  1. Setelah itu masuk Step 3, yaitu ”Choose a Template” / pilih sebuah template, di mana Anda diharuskan untuk memilih salah satu template/model tampilan blog yang akan digunakan. Pilih salah satu, kemudian klik ”Continue” / ”Lanjut”.

  1. Pendaftaran selesai. Anda akan mendapatkan konfirmasi bahwa blog telah berhasil dibuat. Anda dapat melanjutkan untuk membuat posting dengan mengklik Start Posting/Mulai posting.

Selanjutnya Anda sudah memiliki blog dan mulai mengisi blog Anda.